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Treat and Train

Treat&Train® - Remote

Treat&Train® - Remote

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Train your dog with ease and convenience with this Treat&Train® Handheld Remote!

The hand-held remote allows owners to respond to their pets' behavior immediately. Grab yours today!

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How much food is dispensed from the unit?

The amount can be programmed so it is 100% up to you!

Can I get replacement parts?

Yes! All replacements parts are available here.

How do I use it?

Feel free to explore all of our resources on how to use Treat & Train under the "resources" menu!

Can this be set up in a car?

Absolutely it can!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mary Mackay

This is a great way to teach a dog new behaviors. I use mine for Obedience and Rally Obedience as well as Agility. Preferred method as dogs learn very quickly. Love this product!

Linda Otis

The new remote woks great!!

Mary Thompson
Worked great with my old treat n train!

I lost the remote to my old treat and train which is easily 10+ years old. This remote is working perfectly with it!

Terry Steg
Treat & Train

I recently replaced my Treat & Train remote because the spring under the contact failed, the new remote does not always dispense a treat with a push of the button, sometimes it works with one push sometimes it requires multiple pushes, probably fails about 20% of the time.

Mary Weir

The turn disc is screwed up Cleaned it all still
No good